Monday, September 12, 2011

DROUGHT - Author

DROUGHT - Pam Bachorz
so these people live on a plantation and collect water. They treated horribly, like slaves, and they won't do anything about it they just take what's dished out. As you can imagine the younger people don't like that too much, and they want to fight back. But the adults restrain them somehow. Then when a new, hot, young overseer comes along everything turns upside down the main character or the "One" and him soon fall in love and escape together.

I don't understand why there still hasn't been some type of sequel, cause anyone who has read this book most likely dream of the day when they can read the next one.
N9. It got the Obsessive Stalker Award, you know when you love a book so much you look for anything that might be related. Yep, that's an obsessive stalker.

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