Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Reverant by Sonia Gensler

When a girl leaves her school for a fresh new life with pioneers and indians, she doesn't know what she'll get. Least of all she doesn't expect to meet her soulmate, get attacked by a ghost, and blackmailed by a student. Something sinester is harming and killing her students and it seems to want to get her next.
At first, I though I wouldn't like this book so much as I do almost everything else I read. I figured that another book about ghosts and hauntings probably wouldn't be that good. But what made me stop and actually read the book was it's location in time. It was one of the few books I'd actually buy, and reread over and over again.
N9. Nerdin' Award for bestbuys!! I know it looks beastly!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore

Crazy aunt leaves you in charge of her farm =

  • yelling at cows in your underwear
  • hot jerk cowboys
  • goats who climb trees
  • oh and a possibly evil host who wants to knock you in the head.
At least that's what Amy and her sister, Phin, get anyway. Together they'll solve the "Mad Monk" mystery but not without a few injuries first.
Great book, it was smartly written, the plot was ingenious as were the personas of the characters.
Rating- N9
Award- Nerdin' Award
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