Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Bloody Jack Adventures by L.A. Meyer

Bloody Jack #1
A girl sailor is a completely unheard of and laughed at idea, back in 18th century London. That is untill Mary "Jacky" Faber comes along. Orphaned at a young age and abandoned bto the mericless streets of London, Jacky struggles to remove herslef from a beggar and a theif's life. So when the opportuniatey presents itself to her she doesn't hesistate to take a position on a war ship the DOLPHIN. On the brink of war with the neighboring country London prepares all of it's vessels (on land and in the sea) for war, with Jacky caught in the crossfire.

Curse of the Blue Tattoo #2
Jacky has had her fun on the DOLPHIN and now after being formally kicked off the ship she being forced to attend a finishing school. Alone and seperated from all her friends Jacky tries to conquer the school with a positive attitude. Though she finds it increasing hard to just that with snotty, vicious girls, mean headmistresses, the police, the law, wild horses, dogs, squabling siblings, and enrage fathers. Not to mention the sea calling to her everytime she looks out her window or walks outside. Soon Jacky finds herself playing in bars, hanging out with her friends, working with cook and servants, and hanging out in jail cells. Jacky won't stay down for long...

Under the Jolly Roger by #3
After running away from the Lawson Peabody School for Girls Jacky joins crew with a Whaling Ship that's heading for England. Soon she'll be in England and at Jaimy's home... that is untillsje sees him holding hands with another girl! She rushes off in a furry only to be dragged back out to sea by some conniving Brisith Naval Sailors. Now, back on the high seas Jacky must fight for her freedom and the respect she diserves as a Midshipmen.

In the Belly of the Bloodhound #4
Now consider a pirate with the price of 250 pounds on her head Jacky flees back to Boston where she is hoping to hide untill things cool off. Surprisingly she hides in The Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls and as she begins her sencond semester there she encounters more trouble. The Girls get kiddnapped by swiddling slave-traders and now are being forced to fight for their lives on the high seas, only they have to work together as team or be sold to the highest bidders.

Mississppi Jack by #5
Finally off the dreaded ship BLOODHOUND Jacky and her classmates have finally returned home to Boston. It's unfortunate that Jacky never gets to set foot on land, before she is hauled off to Britian to face trial. That is untill her gallant Lieutentate Jaimy Fletcher jumps on board to save her... and utterly failing in the process. But, she does escape-- eventually and when she does it's the America Wilderness for her. Where she'll encounter old friends, old enmies, the buggest baggart in the world, the best con-artists, slavehunters, gators, British soldiers, tornadoes, Native Americans and new flings. Ones that don't really turn out too well in the end. She'll learn that the American frontier is nothing to be triffled with.

My Bonnylight Horseman by  #6
The British have finally caught notorious "pyrate" Jacky M. Faber and are taking her back to London. Or at least they were before the French overtook the ship. They eventually find her out because of one jerkbag and try to cut off her head.
Later she is forced to spy on the French for the British. Reporting back to her "seniors" like a real secret agent.

Rapture of the Deep #7
Jacky M. Faber soon to be Jacky M. Fletcher, has been kiddnapped, again. This time by the British government and on her wedding day. Now, they want her to dive to the bottom of the sea and use her swimming proress to bring up treasure from the bottom of the sea. Not only that but she will also encounter some very vicious sea monster.

The Wake of the Lorelei Lee #8

Pretty sure that her so called "debt" to the king is paid, Jacky goes back to London. Only to get arrested (AGAIN!) and ship off to Australia with the rest of Britain's convicts. Only her ship is speacil she gets to ship 250 or so women convicts to Australia. You can imagine how that's going to turn out.
The Mark of the Golden Dragon#8
I won't even try to fake it... I have not read this. Mostly because I am content where it stopped in the lst book. But I encourage you guys to keep reading the series.
This was pretty good the first time i read it. Though I kind of skimmed through a lot of the book. So you can imagine when I read it over these past few weeks, I was completely shocked at the vividness provived in these pages. It was great to reread it. It was kind of like meeting an old friend you though you never seen again. Ok so it got a N7 and an award  called ......

RE-MEET A SERIES!!!!! award.
http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/m/l-a-meyer/ so check out his website. Nerds.

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