Friday, July 29, 2011

Vicious Little Darlings by Katherine Easer

Crazy thats one way to discribe the events in this book. Crazy is one way to describe two of the characters in this book. One is love crazy and the other is just full out insane crazy.
Sarah trouble bad girl forced to go to an all girls college. There she meets her two "best friends". But when they start behaving strangely, jealously even can she put together whats happening before it's too late or will she fall into thier web of lies deceit jealous and anger? Will she her love for her boyfriend first or the will of someone she barely knows?
Well, I've got to tell you it get pretty weird in  this book. But all in all the story was beautifully crafted and magically written. I loved it, it was raw and juicy and I wouldn't put it down untill it was completely finished. I can't wait untill Katherine comes out with another book.
That's why she get my favorite thing ever .......
THE NERDIN' AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!
She also gets a N7 on the Nerdin' Scale. 
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